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Testimonials from the Field

Posted on 14th of March 2024 by Krisana Messerli, Eugenia Olliaro

Testimonials from the Field
Testimonials from the Field

Since the beginning of the year, the Responsible Data for Children (RD4C) initiative has been actively seeking feedback and to refine its focus for 2024. Following the insightful recommendations gathered during our recent RD4C dinner event, we have since diversified our outreach, collecting valuable testimonials from field practitioners we previously collaborated with in different contexts. 

In these interviews, Mariana Rozo-Paz (Policy, Research, and Project Management Lead at Datasphere Initiative), Risdianto Irawan (Data Specialist, UNICEF Indonesia), and Lisa Zimmermann (Chief of Child Protection, UNICEF Madagascar) working in Latin America, Asia and Africa respectively, stress the importance of engaging with young people. 

They emphasize the value of working particularly in the Global South—where the majority of adolescents and youth are located—to use technology for their well-being, while minimizing harm. Our interviewees recognise a need for increased capacity building of practitioners working with data for and about children, particularly on the foundational principles related to responsible data handling and the risks generated by data and data technologies. This is particularly true when this data is particularly sensitive, such as protection or mental health related data. 

These firsthand accounts offer a unique perspective on the real-world challenges practitioners are faced with, guiding us towards areas where our initiatives can make the most meaningful difference.

Join us as we explore these testimonials, shedding light on our past work as well as the path forward for RD4C this year.


As we enter our fifth year, the Responsible Data for Children initiative continues to pioneer ways to address new and emerging data challenges. The themes that emerged from our engagements with practitioners in the field will help guide a yearly Responsible Data for Children strategic dialogue to set priorities and select projects for the year. Our next strategy session is in mid April, please do not hesitate to reach out with suggestions at [email protected]

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