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Announcing RD4C Bites!

Introducing a new video series promoting the ways that data responsibility for children is being promoted around the globe

Posted on 6th of December 2023 by John-Matthew Conely

Announcing RD4C Bites!
Announcing RD4C Bites!

What works when it comes to data responsibility? What examples can practitioners draw upon?

The Responsible Data for Children initiative (RD4C) is committed to sharing and expanding the community of best practice when it comes to responsible data handling for and of children. By engaging with the experiences of real-world practitioners of responsible data for children, we hope to raise awareness of these challenges and insights to improve outcomes for children around the world.

In keeping with this mission, our team will release "RD4C Bites" — a new series of short, “bite-sized,” and easily digestible videos that talk about responsible data. 

This series of three-minute video interviews, conducted with data-focused practitioners from multiple sectors, highlight real-world examples of promising practices, challenges, and lessons learned in effective data-driven approaches for responsible handling of data for and about children.

Find the series on our YouTube channel. Follow our blog to stay updated on further RD4C Bites announcements.

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