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RD4C Bites: Data for Children Collaborative

Watch the first video in our new series highlighting responsible data practices for children around the globe.

Posted on 6th of December 2023 by John-Matthew Conely

RD4C Bites: Data for Children Collaborative
RD4C Bites: Data for Children Collaborative

Welcome to the first episode of RD4C Bites, RD4C’s ongoing series of short video interviews in which we highlight lessons and experience from data-focused practitioners on the responsible handling of data of and for children. 

In this episode our team interviews Alex Hutchison, director of the Data For Children Collaborative at the University of Edinburgh’s Edinburgh Futures Institute, to understand the lessons and experience of working with data-driven approaches for children in the humanitarian and development space.

In the video above, Alex discusses the types of data the Data For Children Collaborative handles, the enablers and challenges to responsible data practice, as well as ongoing future efforts to continue to support responsible use of data of and for children.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clearly defining a unified purpose and value set from the beginning is crucial for success;

  • Collaborating with team members of varying data proficiency on responsible data can be a challenge, and you must first engage with them at their level of proficiency; and

  • Inspiring and empowering partners to embrace responsible data principles and tools can spread and sustain the community of practice.

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