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Launch: InForm Case Study

Responding to Climate Hazards with Data Responsibly

Posted on 16th of February 2022 by Andrew Zahuranec

Launch: InForm Case Study
Launch: InForm Case Study

This week, as part of the Responsible Data for Children initiative (RD4C), The GovLab and UNICEF launched the first of their new slate of case studies on responsible data for children. 

The piece focuses on the deployment of InForm—a platform that allows for data centralization and standardization. As with the first series of case studies released last year, the study of InForm aims to highlight and support responsible handling of data for and about children; identify challenges and develop practical tools to assist practitioners in evaluating and addressing them; and encourage a broader discussion on actionable principles, insights, and approaches for responsible data management.

It analyzes how data practitioners used InForm in Mozambique to respond to Cyclone Idai, with a focus on the RD4C Principles. The analysis found InForm captures the RD4C Principles of being purpose-driven; participatory; proportional; and preventative of harms across the data life cycle and professionally accountable. To further advance its responsible data approach, the case study suggests that the platform might develop standard operating procedures for handling sensitive data could prove useful. Personnel might also seek to remain cognizant of the time and resource constraints on implementing parties and the need to engage partners early in deployment.

Read the full case study here or examine the full collection of case studies here. To learn more about Responsible Data for Children, visit or contact rd4c [at] To join the RD4C conversation and be alerted to future releases, subscribe at this link.


Image by Martin Bekerman/Unsplash is licensed under CC0.

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